Open house (Sept 26, Thurs): Haro + Bute Streets upgrades, Haro Street Bikeway, Chilco + Robson Streets affected

Public notice. This came by e-mail today from the City of Vancouver. Here is an opportunity for input from residents.

Note that at least one point here did not come up in previous public consultation – “Converting a short stretch of Chilco St. (from the driveway of 815 Chilco St. to Robson St.) to one-way northbound for motor vehicles to reduce vehicle volumes.”


CoV Haro Bute upgrade logo Sep 2019

Image from City of Vancouver

[Text below from City of Vancouver]
Thank you for your patience and understanding as we upgrade essential infrastructure in the neighbourhood.
In coordination with the water main replacement, we’re planning improvements to the Haro Street Bikeway between Denman and Thurlow Streets. The changes would:
  • Improve accessibility, comfort and safety for people walking, rolling and cycling
  • Make the intersection easier to navigate for all road users
  • Maintain access to residences, businesses and other destinations along Haro Street

Join Today’s Open House 
Drop by our open house to chat with staff, learn about the proposed design options, and share your feedback to inform a final design.

  • When: Thursday, September 26, 2019, 5-8pm
  • Where: West End Community Centre, 870 Denman Street, Bidwell Room

Share Input Online
Can’t make it? Share your feedback online until Tuesday, October 15 at

Construction continues at various locations to replace the existing water main. Work will be crossing the Denman Street intersection during an upcoming weekend in October. If you live or work nearby, please stay tuned for any further details in the mail.
Did you know that this work marks the city’s largest water transmission main replacement? The existing water main is a critical feed to downtown and dates back to the early 1900s. These upgrades will help serve a growing neighbourhood with a larger-capacity system with the installation of over two kilometres of new pipe.

Chilco and Robson Street

We’re modifying the design of the Chilco and Robson Street intersection to meet All-Ages-and-Abilities guidelines.
The changes include:
  • New marked and raised crossings for pedestrians
  • New curb ramps at street corners to improve accessibility
  • Removing barriers on the sidewalk
  • Converting a short stretch of Chilco St. (from the driveway of 815 Chilco St. to Robson St.) to one-way northbound for motor vehicles to reduce vehicle volumes;
  • Installing a median along the short stretch of Chilco St. on the south side of Robson St. to separate southbound bicycles from northbound motor vehicles
  • Separating the bike path at the southern end of the Chilco St. cul-de-sac to provide more width for each direction of cycling
  • Installing a new water fountain
  • Removing sidewalk at Lagoon Drive
  • Removing crosswalk at Lagoon Drive
We have also heard concerns about interactions at the end of the cul-de-sac and will be considering design elements such as signage and paint to encourage conscientious behaviour and awareness for all road users.
For more information about the All-Ages-and-Abilities Design Guidelines, visit:
We’re upgrading critical water infrastructure and improving safety for all users along sections of Haro, Bute, Denman, Gilford, and Chilco streets. Work includes replacing the existing water main below Haro and Bute with a larger-capacity system. The new water main will have a life expectancy of about 100 years to help serve this growing neighbourhood while also improving the system’s seismic resiliency.
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