Summary of “public benefits implementation tracking” for West End Community Plan (to year end 2020)

Nearly three years ago, West End Neighbours starting asking the City to provide a public update on implementation of the West End Community Plan (WECP), which was adopted in 2013 (click link for the information we sought). The West End has seen a vast amount of demolition, demoviction, tenant relocation, construction, disruption, and change. The City is starting now to talk about upgrading amenities as part of the benefits of the WECP and is beginning to seek public input (see our previous posts). But as of today, no report has been provided to the public, though we understand from the planning department that something has been nearly read since May 2021.

This has not been announced or publicized by the City, but we have discovered this summary table and extracted it from from two rezoning reports for two tower applications going to a Public Hearing October 12, 2022 (see “Two more West End towers headed to Public Hearing October 12 (Tues): 47 storeys (1157 Burrard at Davie), 49 storeys (1450 West Georgia at Nicola)“).

These resonings are massive towers and give City Council and the public an opportunity to focus on implementation of the WECP. Not only the staff but also Council and the residents of the West End should have the opportunity to consider these two major rezoning requests in that context. We lament the fact that the City has not yet provided such a report to Council or the public as the date of this public hearing on October 12.

Many questions arise, but for now, we share this here.

Initial questions to consider.

Some initial comments and questions. What is the basis for the population growth numbers? These numbers show the net gain. How many dwelling units have been lost? How many people have been renovicted?

The number of housing units completed or under construction requires a context in order to be interpretable. This should be compared to at least two figures: Number of existing housing units demolished, number of market strata constructed.
What fraction of collected CACs and other relevant fees have been used for community benefits thus far. What is the total amount?

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