Planning Questions

In developing a community vision, we need to identify the key issues. These are some important questions.

  1. What do you value in the community today? What would you like to preserve?
  2. What needs exist that should be met?
  3. What groups in the community should be considered and what amenities do they require? For example, seniors, families, singles, new immigrants, the GLBT community, and more.
  4. How can we make our community affordable, livable, and environmentally sustainable?
  5. How can our community be a welcoming home serving the needs of people of all income levels?
  6. How does our infrastructure (electricity, water, sewerage) need to change?
  7. How can our community services (schools, clinics, hospital, libraries, meeting spaces, arts and culture spaces, etc.) be boosted to accommodate a growing population?
  8. What community models in the world are worth studying or emulating?
  9. What population can/should the West End support in 2050, and what are the different ways to achieve get there (e.g., 20 storey towers versus 6-storey structures)?
  10. How can we incorporate key policies and goals of the city, like the Greenest City Action Plan, food security, low-carbon urban design?
  11. How can we make this a well-prepared community for any kind of disaster (natural and man-made)?
  12. How can the community be designed on a human scale, to maximize human interaction?
  13. How can we increase access to automobile-free corridors to move around the neighborhood?
  14. Should current zoning guidelines (including height restrictions) in the community be changed?
  15. How can the key areas of our current city council be concretely addressed in a community plan? (Note: Vision Vancouver’s four key areas in their election campaign were (1) affordable housing and homelessness; (2) safe, livable neighbourhoods; (3) greenest city and sustainability; and (4) creativity, jobs and finances.)
  16. What changes do we need in sports and fitness facilities?