Sign Our Petition

We began collecting signatures for this petition in late 2009 and have reached over 12,500 (as of late June 2011) and continue to collect signatures. These words are our strength and the basis for our efforts.


As a Vancouver citizen and West End resident:

  1. I support current zoning provisions in the West End that permit a maximum building height of 18.3 meters (60 feet or 6 storeys), request that they be maintained for future developments in the West End, and that the current Zoning District Plan for the West End be upheld.
  2. I request in the event of considering general or site-specific land use and/or West End zoning changes, that these include meaningful consultation with residents, protect existing neighbourhood liveability, and respect/maintain the character of the neighbourhood. We need a comprehensive plan, not site-by-site rezoning.
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