1277 Robson – Pacific Palisades Hotel

1277 Robson Street

Update January 2012. Renovations continue to convert from hotel to rental apartment use. Opening this year for occupancy. See our post on a YouTube video, plus our comments about creation of hundreds of rental units at no cost to the city.

April 29, 2011. A new website is advertising rental units at Pacific Palisades (http://www.pacificpalisades.ca/).  The rents will start at $1,100 for a studio and $1,500 for a one bedroom unit.

April 21, 2011. Renovation and conversion work (hotel to rental apartments) is underway at this site. The rental conversion was mentioned at the Public Hearing on April 21st (for rezoning the Coast Plaza Hotel at 1030 Denman), but Council may not have been aware of this Pacific Palisades proposal because there was no rezoning required to accommodate the change in use.

December 3, 2010. A Public Hearing on Nov. 16 approved redevelopment of retail space and rental tower. More information here.

Rezoning Application – 1277 Robson Street (Pacific Palisades changing from hotel to rentals)

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W.T. Architects Inc. has applied to the City of Vancouver to amend the Downtown Official Development Plan (DODP), sub area J, to increase the maximum floor space ratio (FSR) for retail uses. The increase would permit continuous ground floor retail, retail-commercial, and services uses along Robson Street in the existing building. The maximum density of 3.0 FSR for the site would remain unchanged. This application is interesting for the West End, as it is expected to put several hundred rental apartments on the market at no apparent cost to taxpayers, in contrast to the STIR program, which costs taxpayers over $100,000 per unit (based on calculations on the Bidwell project and Comox project).

City Contact: Ingrid Hwang, Planning Analyst, Ingrid.hwang@vancouver.ca, 604.873.7756
Applicant Contact: Barry Krause, W.T. Leung Architects Inc., 604.736.9711

You can provide comments by filling out an online feedback form on the City website.

City website:

Pacific Palisades notice board

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Pacific Pallisades Hotel closed sign