Media Coverage 2011

Frances Bula, December 11, 2011 Challenges to creating low-cost housing: who benefits?

Xtra West, November 28, 2011 Vision Vancouver lost votes in the West End

Vancouver Sun, November 17, 2011 Decision-making must come back to the local neighbourhood if neighbourhood sustainability is to be achieved

Mainlander, November 17, 2011 Vancouver civic election endorsements

Frances Bula, November 17, 2011 Who would you vote for? A guide to the attack dogs, workaholics and more of city council

Georgia Striaight, November 15, 2011 Ned Jacobs: Why I’m voting for Randy Helten and Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver

The Tyee, November 9, 2011 Running against developers in condolandia

City Caucus, November 5, 2011 Randy Helten and NSV cleverly develop new “progressive” slate

Civic Lee, November 5, 2011 On Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver, Adrianne Carr and Sandy Garrossino

Vancouver Sun, October 27, 2011 When politicians step in: Famous Canadian political gaffs

Georgia Straight, October 27, 2011 Telus Garden developer puts on Vision Vancouver fundraiser

Vancouver Courier, October 26, 2011 Helten missing from Courier debate

Georgia Straight, October 20, 2011 Randy Helten runs for mayor with Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver

City Caucus, October 18, 2011 “Effen NPA hack” Helten now de facto COPE mayoral candidate

Openfile, October 18, 2011 Meet Vancouver’s latest mayoral candidate: Randy Helten

Georgia Straight, October 17, 2011 Randy Helten promises a wild ride in quixotic quest for the Vancouver mayoralty

Vancouver Courier, October 13, 2011 Panel rejects Beach Towers rezoning in Vancouver’s West End

Georgia Straight, October 12, 2011 West End Mayor’s Advisory Committee should be dissolved, activist says

News 1130, October 11, 2011 Historic West End mansion facing demolition

Vancouver Courier, October 7, 2011 City forgoes billion-dollar Millenium mortgage

Vancouver Sun, September 14, 2011 Should the role of city planners be sharply reduced?

Megaphone, August 23, 2011 Stirring Argument: The densification debate in Vancouver heats up

Vancouver Courier, August 19, 2011 Report targets renter grievances in Vancouver West End

City Caucus, August 16, 2011 City Caucus Redux: Robertson’s f***ing NPA hacks video

Vancouver Sun, August 11, 2011 Vision Vancouver too focused on green economy, NPA’s Suzanne Anton says

The Mainlander, August 11, 2011 Crazy STIR Program Will Not Die

City Caucus, August 11, 2011 Stratcom helping Vision push poll its way to platform

Xtra West, August 4, 2011 West End report ranks more rentals as high priority

Xtra West, July 29, 2011 Council approves new West End plan

Vancouver Courier, July 29, 2011 12th & Cambie: Visioning

Georgia Straight, July 29, 2011 Council votes to start on community plans for West End, Grandview-Woodlands,  Marpole

Vancouver Sun, July 28, 2011 West End civic report calls for renter protection, more green space

Vancouver Courier, July 27, 2011 Flood of reports outlines Vision’s campaign platform

Georgia Straight, July 26, 2011 Shannon Mews rezoning brings a crown to shine a light on Vancouver planning process

Georgia Straight, July 27, 2011 Vancouver residents gather at city hall to demonstrate against “broken” process

Xtra West, July 26, 2011 West End up for a new community plan

Vancouver Courier, July 22, 2011 West End residents rally against rezoning: Developer eyes waterfront property, resident blames blames Vision

Vancouver Courier, July 18, 2011 Mayor Robertson’s wild ‘green’ plan will cripple Vancouver

Georgia Straight, July 13, 2011 Civic advisory committee surveys West Enders

The Mainlander, July 11, 2011 Deconstructing STIR: Vancouver Tax-Cuts-For-Developers Housing Strategy

City Caucus, July 7, 2011 Vancouver’s West End: A Santuary for Status quo

Georgia Straight, June 21, 2011 Vancouver Heritage Commission rejects redevelopment in West End 

City Caucus, June 10, 2011 Vancouver mayor’s office accused of data mining petition for political purposes

Vancouver Courier, June 8, 2011 Vancouver tulip tree saved from axe

Georgia Straight, June 5, 2011 Mayor Gregor Robertson’s West End advisors speak to West End residents

Vancouver Courier, June 2, 2011 Vision Vancouver pricks up its ears in election year

Vancouver Sun, May 31, 2011 Heritage home and tulip tree at risk after Vancouver council rejects proposal

Georgia Straight, May 31, 2011 West End tulip tree spared the axe – for now

Vancouver Sun, May 30, 2011 Tulip tree’s legacy leaves condo developer with headache

Georgia Straight, May 26, 2011 Celia Brown: If lots of community planing equals major density, count me out

Georgia Straight, May 25, 2011 Neighbour predicts city council will save century-old tulip tree in West End

Georgia Straight, May 21, 2011 Century old West End tulip tree could get a reprieve if city works with neighbour

Xtra West, May 19, 2011 St. John’s demolished: Almost 12,000  sign petition against spot rezoning

24 Hours, May 19, 2011 Protest over West End tower proposal

Georgia Straight. May 18, 2011 Century old tulip tree may be “a goner” in West End

Georgia Straight, May 17, 2011 Church demolition may be the latest sign of apocalypse in 2011

Vancouver Sun, May 15, 2011 Postmedia wins big at National Newspaper Awards

Xtra West, May 9, 2011 Three new community plans?

Vancouver Sun, April 27, 2011 Coast Plaza on Denman could see low-cost rental units set aside for seniors

Vancouver Sun, April 26, 2011 Public hearing to resume on revised Coast Plaza Hotel plans

News 1130, April 14, 2011 St. John’s Church to be demolished

West Ender, March 16, 2011 NEWS: Tackling the fear of heights

Tyee, February 14, 2011 A Year Later, Why Go Downtown

Xtra West, February 11, 2011 Westbank owners set fire in Comox St. Church

Xtra West, February 7, 2011 Update: Developer wants to demolish Com Street church

Vancouver Courier, February 7, 2011 Developer aims wrecking ball at church, residents cry foul

City Caucus, February 6, 2011 Wrap up of the week’s stories 2011-02-05

Frances Bula, February 2, 2011 For housing wonks: The housing/homelessness powerpoint for Vancouver

West Ender, February 2, 2011 News: Old and new buildings soon to get closer

Georgia Straight, February 2, 2011 City approves policy for taller buildings in downtown Vancouver

Xtra West, February 1, 2011 Developer wants to demolish Comox St church

City Caucus. January 31, 2011 Vision pollster gets personal with questions about sexuality

The Province, January 30, 2011 West End residents plan to stop bulldozer to guard landmark

Georgia Straight, January 28, 2011 West End Neighbours ask Mayor Gregor Robertson to delay St. John’s demolition

West Ender, January 26, 2011 West End Church stated for demolition

News 1130, January 22, 2011 West Enders stage weekly marches, protesting high-rises

Georgia Straight, January 21, 2011 Vancouver city council to vote on downtown heights study February 1

News 1130, January 18, 2011 People living in downtown worried about tall towers

Common Sense Canadian, January 18, 2011 Video: 80-story towers in Vancouver?

The Province, January 17, 2011 Vancouver may grow up a little more

Geoff Meggs, January 12, 2011 View corridors are protected, not threatened, in downtown height review

Frances Bula, January 12, 2011 Citizen forum on building heights: One review…and responses

West Ender, January 12, 2011 News: Debate sparks over building height

Georgia Straight, January 11, 2011 Proposal for higher buildings in downtown Vancouver criticized in advance of city council vote

Vancouver Courier, January 7, 2011 Blaming rooming fire on Vision a real NPA tragedy

Georgia Straight, January 5, 2010 Vancouver public forum addresses downtown building heights

City Caucus, January 2, 2011 More interesting video coming out of Vancouver Silly Hall

Vancouver Sun, January 1, 2011 Tiko Kerr >> 2006

Michael Geller, 12 predictions for 2011