Questions for the Public Hearing

Questions to Consider about the 1401 Comox Proposal

About the proposed rental tower:

  • Are high-rise buildings appropriate in the context of existing surrounding low-rise buildings?
  • Is a tower up to 22 stories in height too tall and too massive – should a smaller scale development be considered?
  • Does this building suit the neighborhood, or is it out of character with the surrounding architecture and streetscapes?

What alternatives are possible?

  • Under the existing RM5 zoning, the developer is eligible to build approx. 26,000 square feet of floor area
  • The last large building built nearby is the Millennium Tower at 1175 Broughton Street – an FSR (Floor Space Ratio) of 2.75 and approx. 48,000 square feet of floor area. The development at 1401 Comox Street proposes an FSR of 7.4 and approx.128,000 square feet.

Impacts of development:

  • Will there be shadowing and loss of sunlight for adjacent buildings and mini-park?
  • Will there be loss of privacy for neighbours?
  • Will there be a loss of green space through reduced building setbacks?
  • Will the large increase in density have a negative impact?
  • What does the community gain as a result of the development proposal?
  • Is there a need to manage this type of development through a longer-term community plan for the West End?
  • How will existing community services like schools and libraries accommodate new residents from this and other similar developments?

About the proposed rental housing:

  • Does the West End need more market rental housing?
  • Are you concerned about affordability of the proposed rental housing?
  • Are you concerned about public funds being used to subsidize the creation of market rental units?

What you can do?

  • Sign up to speak at the public hearing on June 11, 2012 by emailing:
  • Look at the 1401 Comox rezoning application on the City website here.
  • Discuss the proposal with friends and neighbours – both within and outside the West End