Contact Mayor & Council

Consider telling the mayor and councillors what you think:

Direct e-mails to each person are most effective, but the general address is also indicated further below.


Mayor Gregor Robertson 604.873.7621
Councillor George Affleck
Councillor Elizabeth Ball
Councillor Adriane Carr
Councillor Melissa De Genova
Councillor Heather Deal 604.873.7242
Councillor Kerry Jang 604.873.7246
Councillor Raymond Louie 604.873.7243
Councillor Geoff Meggs 604.873.7249
Councillor Andrea Reimer 604.873.7241
Councillor Tim Stevenson 604.873.7247

Or here they are in one list:;;;;;;;;;;

General e-mail is: (This general address goes to all on Council, but is less effective than direct personal e-mails.)

Your messages to Council as elected officials become part of official communications.