WEN Comment – Tulip Tree

For Public Hearing May 17, 2011

Dear Mayor and Council,

We are writing to you to express our deep concern for the fate of both the
one hundred and seven year old tulip tree and the heritage house at 1241
Harwood Street.

WEN is calling on the city to establish a system to regulate development in
a way that would permit both an important tree and a unique heritage home to
remain a part of our neighbourhood. WEN considers the “save the tree OR save
the house” to be a false dichotomy and hopes City Council will see it the
same way. A comprehensive community plan – which has been requested by more
than 11,000 signatories to our petition – would offer options to save both.
By granting significant additional density and destroying the legendary
Tulip tree, this revitalization agreement significantly alters the character
of the neighbourhood. Such an important change, akin to a change in zoning,
should not take place outside of an updated community plan.

Can we be a civilized city without heritage? Can we be a green city if we
destroy a perfectly healthy tree that is almost as old as the city? “The
greenest city in the world destroys a robust tree almost as old as itself”
is not the message citizens of Vancouver will appreciate. We trust that you
will consider these questions when you make your decision following the
public hearing on May 17.

West End Neighbours