Tiko Kerr Artist

Tiko Kerr has created a collection of paintings to celebrate some of the many cherished places that contribute to the charm, livability and vitality of the West End neighbourhood and to raise funds to create a community plan that will preserve our rich cultural heritage.

Tiko Kerr has devoted his life and energies to painting and to his community for the past 30 years. He settled in Vancouver’s West End in the late 1970s and began a three decade-long series of paintings, vibrant wavering visions of urban landscape in Vancouver, a city that has never ceased to captivate him. Winning a struggle with HIV and the public health system inspired him to use his artistic talent to facilitate social change and serve the community of Vancouver that had supported him when he needed it the most. Tiko Kerr hopes that his art will help to promote constructive dialogue among all the stakeholders that will determine the future of a neighbourhood he lives in and loves.

This series portrays the landscape where some specific sites are targeted for change that is accelerated and unpredictable.  To inquire about the paintings or to obtain prints, contact Tiko Kerr.

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The collection includes:

Heritage Takes Many Forms (St. John’s Presbyterian Church, 1401 Comox Street)
Nothing is Sacred (After St. John’s) (St. John’s Presbyterian Church, 1401 Comox Street)
A Night Full of Stars (Maxine’s, Davie Street and Bidwell Streets)
Davie Street and Goliath (Maxine’s, Davie Street and Bidwell Street)
West End Golden Chance (Formerly at Bidwell Street and Davie Street)
Tree of Life (The Tulip Tree) (1241 – 1245 Harwood Street)
Through-Way (Beach Towers) (1600 Beach Avenue)
Coast Plaza in Spring (1030 Denman Street)
Darling House (1090 Nicola Street)
Welcome to Davie City (Davie Street and Burrard Street)
Burrard Street Limited Vision (Burrard Bridge, Burrard Street and Beach Avenue)
City of Best Intentions (West End)